Thursday, February 7, 2013

is your website panda proof?

Google panda algorithm update has added major changes to the online world. As everyone wants to see their blog and websites

in first page of google and for that it is important to apply proper SEO techniques to your websites.

Through google panda updates several websites and blogs saw major changes in serps. Panda is basically to remove low quality sites and for those websites which has poor content.

Google panda is sweet candy for high quality content websites. Poor content websites are replaced with high quality and great user friendly content websites.

Stay away from these practices and panda will not hurt you.

Don't place duplicate and spam content on your website. if you have duplicate and poor written content on your website or blog then panda could hurt you.

Check your website content with duplicate content checker and if you found something like that then replace with unique content.

If your content is informative source then it is also good for your website and users too. Check your website before panda will hurt your website rankings.

impulse: after so many days

after so many days i desired to write for my this blog. I have resumed my job after long break and its atmosphere inspired me to do this. Thanks to my mentors to support me and motivate me to arise once again. In SEO i saw many changes like panda, penguin, google analytics interface, SEO techniques as per algorithm changes so i thought to start with panda. So i am going to write one article on panda.

hoping for the best.

stay blessed :)